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Stop the Deadly Bomb Trains in Our Neighborhoods

It was the wee hours of the morning when a runaway train carrying crude oil sped towards the downtown of a small Canadian city.

As the train entered a curve in the city center it derailed and exploded.

Witnesses describe a “tsunami of fire” that engulfed people and buildings.

"There are those who ran fast and those who made the right decision. Those who fooled around trying to start their cars to leave the area, there are probably some who burned in them," a resident said. "And some who weren't fast enough to escape the river of fire that ran down to the lake, they were roasted."

42 people were killed and five more were never found. It’s assumed they were vaporized in the blast.

Bomb trains like these are speeding through Richmond and other East Bay communities.

The agency responsible for protecting our community from these dangers -- the Bay Area Air Quality Management District -- recently granted permission to Kinder Morgan to haul oil by train through our community.

The Air Quality Management District conducted the process in secret without notifying the public or conducting a public review.

Sign the petition to demand the Bay Area Air Quality Management District reverse their decision and hold an open public review process that allows local residents to decide if we want to allow bomb trains in our neighborhoods.